Keeping with the tradition of the last post, another British artist, Emeli Sandé, is set to make her American debut next month. “Next to Me” impacts April 17th, coming off the heels of its #2 peak in the U.K. Being a British, female recording artist will obviously garner comparisons to Adele, whether fair or unfair. With that said, I’m going to compare her to Adele. “Next to Me” is sonically reminiscent of “Rolling In the Deep.” It builds in a similar way and fuses elements of soul with modern pop. Thematically, however, it’s more similar to Joan Osborne’s 1994 hit, “One of Us.” Like the aforementioned singles, will Sandé get her breakout hit in the U.S. with this track? I’d say so. A year ago, I was unsure about Adele’s prospects for Top 40 radio success, but she’s undoubtedly opened the doors and changed radio’s climate over the past year. “Next to Me” sounds like it would fit perfectly among “We Are Young” and “Somebody That I Used to Know,” showing that we are truly in a new era of pop radio.

Two for the price of one today. European artists are really killing it lately, and this track is no exception. There’s been buzz building around Marina and the Diamonds for the past couple of years, but she still hasn’t scored a true breakout hit. “Primadonna” could change that. Having been produced by Dr. Luke, it obviously sounds like another Dr. Luke production. This time, it borrows from “Hold It Against Me,” with hard hitting, electropop verses accompanied by a melodic, glistening chorus (check out that acoustic guitar). The lyrics, however, are a step up from “Hold It Against Me,” and actually would have been fitting for Britney. Alas, it’s a Marina track and she delivers it perfectly, complete with throaty Katy Perry-esque vocals. All in all, it’s a perfectly crafted pop song and I would expect nothing less from this pairing. However, I’m not so sure of its hit potential. It reminds me of Sky Ferreira’s ill-fated, Ryan Tedder-produced “Obsession.” Hopefully radio’s more receptive to this one.


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