I don’t care what Lana Del Rey sounds like. For one thing, look at her. You can’t have everything.

No, I don’t only listen to attractive singers. However, so much of Lana Del Rey’s aesthetic is reflected in her music. The common themes of excess, beauty, nostalgia, summertime, lust, heartbreak and the American Dream are expressed over and over again in “Born To Die.” All of those things can also be seen in Lana Del Rey. That’s what makes her so captivating.

What Lana lacks in vocal talent, she makes up for in intrigue. She certainly doesn’t have a commanding stage presence, but there’s just something about her. She’s the only one who can deliver the music she does in the way that she does.

Lana also has something so many artists don’t–a story. What’s even better, no one seems to know whether it’s real, fabricated, or a combination of both. Are those lips real? Is daddy a millionaire? Who exactly is Lana Del Rey? I, for one, am going to keep watching (and listening) until I find out.

So, Lana, keep awkwardly twirling and petting your hair on stage. It doesn’t phase me. I mean, as long as you look hot while doing it.


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