+ + + = Kelly Clarkson’s new single, “Mr. Know It All.”

Does this sound like a combination of a few other songs thrown in a blender and mixed together? Sure. Will that stop it from being a hit? No. The lyrics are reminiscent of Clarkson’s other bitter, man-hating singles, but the production is more subdued. Instead of giving us “Since U Been Gone” (Pt. 3), “Mr. Know It All” tones things down. Clarkson’s still angry, but the instrumentation lets the lyrics shine. The song’s not instantly catchy, but the lyrics are Facebook status ready–an important quality for this generation’s top 40 listeners. It also fits in nicely with the other pop divas’ mid tempo fall releases (think “Cheers” and “Yoü And I”). This one’s an earworm that you may not “get” instantly, but after a few listens it’ll grown on you–believe me. With that said, hopefully “Mr. Know It All” will be followed by “What Doesn’t Kill You,” a catchy, empowering anthem that leaked a few months ago and should be the big hit off the album.


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  1. kike duh

    omg I love how u measure and just analize every single aspect of every singer/song I know and love! I’ve only read 2 articles (and saw 4-5) and I gotta say: ur awsome! and I’m starting to like your blog 🙂
    keep it up dude

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