Alexis Jordan reminds me of a young Beyoncé/Rihanna hybrid. Considering Jay-Z and Stargate signed her to StarRoc/RocNation, that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Even though Alexis is from America (South Carolina to be more exact), she’s being released and promoted in the UK first. It seems to be working, as “Happiness,” her first single, peaked at #3 there. She’s got a great, youthful look that will appeal to tweens and teens alike, and based on some YouTube videos I’ve checked out, she’s got a good live voice and actually moves on stage. Her songs are pretty standard, radio friendly pop/dance/R&B fare, but I think with the right push, she could be big in the US. She seems like the type of girl who’s talented and pretty enough (but not in a threatening way) to have mass appeal. Also, check out her second UK single “Good Girl”, which may be even better than “Happiness.”


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