Although I did a post on the evolution of Max Martin a few months ago, with the release of “Hold It Against Me,” I felt it was appropriate for a short followup. Max and (and frequent collaborator Dr. Luke) always have that one single that changes up their sound a bit after a lot of their material sounds the same. This is it. They have transitioned from bubblegum pop with Britney and the Backstreet Boys, to pop/rock with Kelly Clarkson and P!nk, then electropop with Katy Perry and Ke$ha, and now dubstep-influenced pop with “Hold It Against Me.” I can definitely see this starting a new trend on pop radio like all their past reincarnations. While they may never been the first producers to pioneer a sound, they always seem to make an upcoming trend accessible and catchy enough for pop radio to actually play. And that’s why they are my favorite producers.

In addition, they always find the right vehicle for the right sound. I’ve already seen people say that Ke$ha (or even Katy) could sing “Hold It Against Me,” and I couldn’t disagree more. I mean, they could, but it just wouldn’t be the same. Just like Ke$ha’s drunk girl singing/rapping/talking hybrid was perfect for “TiK ToK” and no one could have tackled “Since U Been Gone” like Kelly Clarkson, Britney is perfect for “Hold It Against Me.”


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