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Although P!nk has always been successful in the states (minus a small misstep with “Try This”) she has really come into her own recently… 10 years into her career. Recently met with her most critical and commercial success to date, P!nk hit #1 on iTunes today with “Fuckin’ Perfect,” the second single from her greatest hits album. It’s rare for greatest hits singles to do well, period, but it’s almost unheard for a second single to reach the top of the charts. Following in the footsteps of the first greatest hits single, “Raise Your Glass,” could “Fuckin’ Perfect” also top the Hot 100? Only time will tell, but a few key elements have led to P!nk’s recent success.

In the case of “Fuckin’ Perfect,” a socially relevant and well made video gave the song a bump on iTunes. Being a fan of music videos in general, I like this. It proves that videos aren’t a dying breed and if done correctly can promote a song. Also, I’d like to revisit P!nk’s performance of “Glitter In the Air” at the Grammys this year. This, combined with her “Funhouse Tour” in the states, finally showcased P!nk as a multi-talented artist and performer. Cuing us in on what the rest of the world already knew, P!nk is the real deal. She can sing and also put on a show, a combination rarely possessed by many artists. The “Greatest Hits…So Far!!!” era is providing a perfect break for pregnant P!nk, while still satisfying fans’ appetites for new music and maintaining her relevancy. Good looking out, P!nk.


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New Black Eyed Peas? Maybe. This song is certainly better than anything on the new Black Eyed Peas album. Although “Hey Sexy Lady” has been out for a few months, it doesn’t go for adds until March. However, it already sounds like a big hit and will fit perfectly into top 40 playlists. I don’t know much about i SQUARE, but based on they video they seem like a good time and are friends with Diddy.

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Alexis Jordan reminds me of a young Beyoncé/Rihanna hybrid. Considering Jay-Z and Stargate signed her to StarRoc/RocNation, that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Even though Alexis is from America (South Carolina to be more exact), she’s being released and promoted in the UK first. It seems to be working, as “Happiness,” her first single, peaked at #3 there. She’s got a great, youthful look that will appeal to tweens and teens alike, and based on some YouTube videos I’ve checked out, she’s got a good live voice and actually moves on stage. Her songs are pretty standard, radio friendly pop/dance/R&B fare, but I think with the right push, she could be big in the US. She seems like the type of girl who’s talented and pretty enough (but not in a threatening way) to have mass appeal. Also, check out her second UK single “Good Girl”, which may be even better than “Happiness.”

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Although I did a post on the evolution of Max Martin a few months ago, with the release of “Hold It Against Me,” I felt it was appropriate for a short followup. Max and (and frequent collaborator Dr. Luke) always have that one single that changes up their sound a bit after a lot of their material sounds the same. This is it. They have transitioned from bubblegum pop with Britney and the Backstreet Boys, to pop/rock with Kelly Clarkson and P!nk, then electropop with Katy Perry and Ke$ha, and now dubstep-influenced pop with “Hold It Against Me.” I can definitely see this starting a new trend on pop radio like all their past reincarnations. While they may never been the first producers to pioneer a sound, they always seem to make an upcoming trend accessible and catchy enough for pop radio to actually play. And that’s why they are my favorite producers.

In addition, they always find the right vehicle for the right sound. I’ve already seen people say that Ke$ha (or even Katy) could sing “Hold It Against Me,” and I couldn’t disagree more. I mean, they could, but it just wouldn’t be the same. Just like Ke$ha’s drunk girl singing/rapping/talking hybrid was perfect for “TiK ToK” and no one could have tackled “Since U Been Gone” like Kelly Clarkson, Britney is perfect for “Hold It Against Me.”

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Word on the street is that come January 10th, Britney fans will be encouraged to share a message on Facebook. While this in itself isn’t anything special, the catch is. Once 2 million fans share the message, Spears’ new single will be unlocked for radio play and immediate sale on iTunes. Genius.

I’ve been waiting for an artist to do something like this for awhile and there have been many signs leading up to it. As I’ve referenced in the past, Katy Perry’s team got it right immediately releasing both “California Gurls” and “Teenage Dream” to iTunes and radio hours after they leaked. Before the release of Cheryl Cole’s sophomore album, fans posted messages on Facebook to unlock their favorite tracks. With an artist like Britney Spears, this tactic should work even better. Her fans are crazy and super dedicated. Spears’ team knows this and is using them for promo via Facebook. There’s no better way to literally reach millions of people than through posting a status on Facebook. Especially 2+ million of them. This will also undoubtedly increase Spears’ fans on Facebook (and followers on Twitter) roping in even more people to disseminate messages about the new era.

This campaign also allows Spears’ team to pitch a unique story to the media. Instead of simply sending out a press release announcing Spears’ new single, there’s a twist–2 million of her fans worked to get it. Knowing Britney fans, I’d also like to bet that this will happen in an unprecedented amount of time, giving this story even more news value and incentive for radio to play it. If they pull this off, I’m expecting lots of radio airplay and sales the first day (and week).

However, this will only work if “Hold It Against Me” doesn’t leak before Monday. Fingers crossed.


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