It will be interesting to see how they edit this for radio, but this will smash, regardless. Even if radio is a little reluctant to play it at first, this will be a big iTunes hit. I love the feel good sound contrasted with the angry lyrics. Its already logged over 1.4 million hits on YouTube in just a couple of days, so things are definitely looking good for “Fuck You”. Cee-Lo always comes up with a unique, but radio friendly sound, and it looks like he is going to score his first hit since “Crazy” with this one!


I really like Natasha and I think she has a great voice, but this song just isn’t doing it for me. While Ryan Tedder has been changing his sound up lately (Check Sky Ferreira’s “Obsession” and BC Jean’s “Just a Guy”), this is a mediocre rehash of his typical mid-tempo production. While it has an inspirational theme similar to “Unwritten” and “Pocketful of Sunshine”, it’s not nearly as catchy or anthemic. I’m reluctant to call this a “miss” since it will most definitely outperform (the superior) “Touch” and could even be a moderate hit, it’s one of my least favorite Natasha singles.


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