I’ve currently got my eye on two young, female singers: Sky Ferreria, 18, and Taylor Momsen, 17, of The Pretty Reckless. I think they will both be ones to watch this fall…

Let’s start with Sky. She released “17”, an underage ode to clubbing, as a teaser single this spring. While definitely not a pop hit, the video for this promo single certainly played up Sky’s Lolita-esque vibe. I have a feeling her age will play an important role in her marketing campaign, similar to Britney’s days as a naughty school girl in “…Baby One More Time”. Her first single in the UK, “One”, produced by Bloodshy & Avant, is perfect for the European market. With its highly stylized video and electro-pop vibe, it should do well on the charts. However, I don’t think it would do well in the US and her label seems to be on the same page. Last week, a clip of “Obsession”, Sky’s first proper American single, leaked. Not only is it her first non-numeric titled release, it sounds like a bonafide pop smash. Although it’s produced by Ryan Tedder, it (thankfully) doesn’t sound anything like a typical Ryan Tedder production. I don’t like to draw comparisons, but I will anyways. It sounds a bit like a hybrid of “Womanizer” and “Cooler Than Me”, and I’d be surprised if top 40 didn’t jump on it. She’s Miley Cyrus without the Disney sheen and a throwback to Britney’s jail bait days. What more could someone ask for?

Besides their age, Taylor Momsen and Sky Ferreira don’t have much in common. While I said Sky was like Miley without the Disney sheen, Taylor is more likely to set Disney World on fire (literally). While I heard about some of her “eccentric” interview responses before I actually listened to her music, I was impressed with what I finally heard. Looking beyond some of her kooky quotes, she actually has a great voice. She sounds much older and more mature than 17, and actually has a really interesting tone and quality. I was especially impressed with her acoustic version of “Just Tonight”, the only song on her album that I think has any legitimate chance of becoming a top 40 hit. I honestly don’t even know if a top 40 hit is something she’s vying for, but this could do the trick. (The 30-second album clip of “Just Tonight” sounds even better with fuller instrumentation.) While Taylor’s definitely seems a little out there, her voice and songs certainly speak for themselves. Even though a lot of her music is a little heavier than what I usually listen to, the songs are well written and some even border on legitimately catchy. She’s certainly not Cindy Lou Who anymore, that’s for sure!


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  1. Anon

    UGH, Taylor Momsen is one of the most obnoxious people on earth! She’s a neverending book of bratty quotes.

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