This will be another recurring post, because a lot of great songs often go unreleased. For whatever reason, labels rarely choose singles wisely. Almost every album has that one song that should have been a single, but wasn’t. In Leona’s case, the label gave up on “Echo” after “Happy” underperformed and “I Got You” flopped. I personally like “Echo” more than “Spirit”, but unfortunately things didn’t get off to a great start with the first two singles and most people still only know Leona as the girl who sings “Bleeding Love”. While I can see why they were reluctant to release “Outta My Head” in the US, it would have undoubtedly been huge internationally. Leona needed a change of pace to reignite interest and this track could have definitely done the trick. I know it’s hard to turn things around after two unsuccessful singles, but I hate when labels (and artists) give up on an album after only a few months. There were definitely more singles on “Echo”, and “Outta My Head” could have been another pop hit for Leona. I guess she’ll just be singing “Bleeding Love” for a couple more years…


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  1. Josh

    I agree completely.

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