When I first saw Cheryl Cole (then Tweedy) in Girls Aloud’s “Sound of the Underground” video back in 2002, I knew she was a star. While she wasn’t the best singer in the group and was years away from becoming one of Great Britain’s “national treasures”, there was just something about her. Since then, I’ve been waiting for Cheryl to release something in the US. While I don’t think a group like Girls Aloud would work over here, I do think Cheryl could bring her successful solo career, as the Brits would say, “across the pond.”

Cheryl’s fame in the UK can be attributed to more things than just her music. Cheryl went from tabloid fodder, after being arrested for attacking a nightclub attendant in 2003, to media darling over the course of a few years for a couple of reasons. First, she married high-profile footballer Ashley Cole in 2006. While that was one step in the right direction, it was even better when Ashley Cole’s affairs were made public, and Cheryl won over the sympathy of the entire nation. Around the same time, Cheryl also became a judge on one of  England’s most popular shows, the X Factor. In order for Cheryl to have the same kind of success and coverage in America, she needs to break through with more than just her music.

Now that Cheryl is dating Derek Hough, I wouldn’t be surprised if she winds up on Dancing with the Stars. While this is usually has-been central, for someone who is virtually unknown in the United States, thirty million viewers a week isn’t bad. This could certainly help launch Cheryl as a popular figure, as well as a musician. Also, it could set her up for a spot on the US edition of the X Factor set to begin in the fall of 2011.

I know, I’ve barely talked about any of Cheryl’s actual music. That’s because, I don’t know if any of it would smash in the United States. Out of all the songs on her debut album, the only one I would even consider to release here is “Fight for This Love”. While it was a huge #1 in the UK, it was fueled by Cheryl’s media coverage and X Factor performance (check that out here)–two things she doesn’t have in America. However, based on the producers lined up for her second album, she’s going for a more Americanized sound, leading me to believe that Cheryl has her sights set on breaking the American market…


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