I rarely hear songs for the first time on the radio, but this was an exception. Although “If I Die Young” isn’t usually the sound I gravitate towards, there was something about the lyrics and Kimberly Perry’s vocal delivery that really made me stop and listen. I love that this song has a unique subject matter and I think the lyrics are actually very clever. I admit, I’m not one to pay too much attention to lyrics, but they really make this song. I think this will end up being a big hit for The Band Perry, relative newcomers to the country music scene. It is #34 on iTunes (#4 on country iTunes behind Taylor Swift, Kenny Chesney, and Sugarland), which is very impressive for a new country act. I’ve also seen the songs lyrics on some Facebook statuses, which is a sure sign that it’s connecting. Could The Band Perry be the next big thing in country music?


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  1. This is an absolutely fantastic/gorgeous song! The first discovery I’ve made from your blog, hope there’ll be many more 😀

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