While there are already the CMA, the ACMs, and the CMTs, Fox will present the American Country Awards (the ACAs) in December. I can hardly keep the acronyms straight now, so I’m not too happy about this. Just kidding (kind of). If anything, this asserts country music’s dominance in the United States. While we’ve lost quite a few award shows celebrating pop music over the past decade, country music has continued to prosper. Based on album sales, radio audience, and now television specials, I’d say country is hands down the most popular genre of music in the United States.

ACA executive producer Bob Bain says the awards will specifically highlight country music’s “diversity” as seen in crossover stars like Carrie Underwood and Lady Antebellum. I find this to be especially interesting, as “diversity” in country music was once frowned upon. While country used to be a very secular genre, since Carrie, Taylor, and Lady Antebellum have crossed over and become multiple genre superstars, country music itself has grown in popularity.

I have to say, before Carrie Underwood I was not a fan of country music at all. In fact, before American Idol, I only knew a handful of country songs. Now, I’m not only a fan of country/pop crossover acts, but many purely country artists. While many hardcore country fans may disagree, I believe Carrie (and on a larger scale, American Idol) introduced the country genre to an entirely new generation and demographic of listeners. Can I get a yee haw?


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