When I first heard Wynter Gordon’s “Surveillance” back in December 2007, I knew she had to potential to be big. It was catchy both melodically and lyrically, and would have fit perfectly on pop radio… back in 2007. I remember a really positive response on many forums and blogs, and I fully expected the song to be released quickly as her first single. That didn’t happen and Atlantic sat on Wynter for another three years, letting her initial hype die down. Unfortunately, so many of her tracks leaked during that period, leaving her with a seriously depleted resource of songs to compile a debut album. Earlier this year, Atlantic finally released “Dirty Talk” as a dance/promo single (with a really… interesting video), but I’m still waiting a full-fledged release from Wynter. While I think “Dirty Talk” could have also done really well on radio, it will probably be 2013 before we get another potential single. Seriously, what’s the hold up?


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