Although Nelly started off the 2000s with a string of hit singles, he hasn’t been able to catch a break singe 2005’s “Grillz”. I think he could have an Enrique-style comeback on radio after a few years hiatus with “Just A Dream”. Yes, it samples a song that’s only 3 years old (Wyclef Jean’s “Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill)”), but I think this could be an even bigger hit. Similar to Nelly’s other midtempo smash, “Over and Over” and “Dilemma”, I’m interested to see how this one performs.


I understand that “Mama’s Song” probably means a lot to Carrie at the moment, but can’t she just play it on her iPod? Why make the rest of country radio listeners suffer? While this could go to #1 based on name alone, I actually hope it breaks her #1 streak on country radio. I’m a Carrie fan, but this is a terrible (and selfish) decision. Not only is it one of her worst singles ever, but there are so many other great songs left on “Play On”. “Someday When I Stop Loving You”, “Songs Like This”, or “Quitter” would have been much better and more radio friendly choices.


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