Congratulations to Capitol Records. So far, they have done an excellent job with Katy Perry’s sophomore album cycle. When her debut single first leaked on the Internet in early May, many record labels would have went into panic mode or just ignored it for a few weeks (or months in some cases), acting like it never happened. In the meantime, everyone would have illegally downloaded it and by the time it “officially” premiered, the hype would have worn down. Capitol Records took the outlandish approach of actually rush releasing it to radio and sending it to iTunes the very Tuesday after it leaked. Who would have thought? A record label actually changing their plans to accommodate this new thing called the Internet? Unbelievable! This obviously worked out in their best interest, as “California Gurls” went on to become a record breaking #1.

Also, props to Capitol for releasing a second single before the album’s release. I’ve always been a fan of this approach, however many record labels either completely mess up the second single or don’t actually have another hit to release. While “Teenage Dream” picks up where “California Gurls” left off, it’s different enough to showcase another side of the album and either reel in those people who didn’t fall for the first single or only strengthen the support of those who did. Once again, “Teenage Dream” was put on iTunes immediately after its leak on the Internet and a YouTube video with lyrics to the song was uploaded to Katy’s YouTube account. In today’s day and age of Facebook statuses, lyrics are important. If the lyrics are out there, people will post them–and post them correctly. Not only is this great promotion for the song, but people also don’t look stupid for making their misheard lyrics public. “You make my heart beat like a native drum,” anyone? So, here’s to continued success with Katy’s sophomore album, “Teenage Dream,” out August 24th!


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