We all know Beyoncé can write, record, and make a music video for every single song on an album in about three days or less, depending on Mama Tina’s help and whether or not they let Solange up from the basement. So, she could be ready to release something next week for all I know, but I’m surprised we haven’t heard anything about an upcoming album from her  yet. “I Am…” is almost two years old, and it seems like Beyoncé would have something out to capitalize on fourth quarter sales. Her last two albums were released in the fall, during September and November respectively, and sold very well throughout the holiday season. I definitely think Beyoncé’s secured fourth quarter release status and quite frankly, I’m ready for it. While Beyoncé can also suffer from overexposure, its been a year since her last big hit (“Sweet Dreams”) and I think both radio and the public are ready for another “Crazy in Love” or “Single Ladies”. I mean, if Taylor Swift only gave us a few months reprieve, I think it’s time for Beyoncé to come back, too.


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One response to “O BEYONCÉ, WHERE ART THOU?

  1. I’m enjoying this long overdue Beyonce reprieve. The girl hasn’t taken a break since 2004 and once the machine starts back up Beyonce will once again be inescapable. It’ll be interesting to see what Bey has up her sleeve for the album #4

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