I definitely was not expecting Sugarland’s new single, “Stuck Like Glue”, to latch a spot in the top 10 on iTunes so quickly or actually show some staying power. While “All I Want to Do” also fared well on iTunes, true country acts rarely score a digital hit, especially ones that have never crossed over to pop. Although “Stuck Like Glue” is more pop-leaning than any of their previous singles, Sugarland has had little to no exposure outside of country radio. I think this shows they have built up a pretty extensive fan base through years of touring and may appeal to a younger, more internet-savvy country music fan, as opposed to some of their contemporaries. While Jennifer’s voice has an undeniably distinct tone, I think this song is actually catchy and quirky enough to make a go for it on top 40. I guess we’ll see if Sugarland follows in the crossover footsteps of Carrie, Taylor, and Lady Antebellum…


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