For the past few months, I’ve been suffering from Taylor Swift fatigue. She was on every radio station. She was on every award show. She was in every magazine. I couldn’t even fast-forward through the commercials on my DVR without seeing her face hawking some product. While I don’t quite miss her yet, I am interested in hearing her first single and looking forward to seeing how her third album, “Speak Now,” fares. The big question is can Taylor Swift scan a million copies in her first week? This may seem like a crazy notion in the post-digital climate, but if anyone can, it will be Taylor Swift.

Taylor has quite a few things going for her. First and foremost, she’s coming off of a huge album era with “Fearless,” which sold over half a million copies its first week in back in November 2008. Since then, it has been certified 6x Platinum, spawned two huge crossover hits, and won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year. In addition, as I referenced earlier, Taylor has been literally everywhere these past two years. While I was doing my best to shield my eyes from everything Taylor Swift these past few months, millions of other people attended her sold out Fearless Tour. While radio hits and album sales are nice, I believe touring shows the true testament of an artist’s fan base. Requesting a song on the radio is free and buying an album may set you back $12.99, but if you’re willing shell out $100 concert ticket, that’s dedication. And with 63 sold out cities in four different countries, Taylor Swift has a lot of people hooked.

However, it’s the kind of people that are hooked that will really make the difference when “Speak Now” is released on October 25th. Taylor appeals to two hugely important demographics: tweens and country music fans. Believe it or not, both of these publics still buy albums. She also has undeniable crossover appeal, which will also help when the album hits shelves.

Do I honestly think Taylor will cross the magic million mark when her album is released? No. But it will be pretty damn close and you may even have to get back to me after I hear her first single and see what kind of promotion Borchetta has lined up for her over at Big Machine.


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